J. Franklin will give you the look that fits your personality.

Step 1. Order Your Eyewear Fitting Box

To order your Eyewear Fitting Box, you need to make a $250 payment. Included is the $100 Virtual Fitting Fee and $150 will go towards your final eyewear purchase. If no purchase is made the $150 will be returned.

Specs by J. Franklin

Step 2. Schedule Your Virtual Fitting

The J. Franklin Team will contact you 48 hours after receiving your virtual fitting payment.
A virtual styling appointment will be scheduled. We will put together a selection of 4 frames to be shipped out to you within 7-10 days.
If you choose to have more than 4 frames shipped - there will be an additional deposit of $50 for each additional frame added to your selection.

Step 3. Time for Your Virtual Style Session!

You will enjoy this one of a kind styling session with J. Franklin. The styling session is a one of a kind experience that includes analyzing facial features, facial structure, and your personality in order to choose the best eyewear for you.

Step 4. Choose Your Specs

Now is the time to choose the specs you like. You will ship all specs
back and we will return your purchased frames to you with prescription (if needed), frame adjustment, or lenses replaced with desired style choice.

Step 5. Return the Eyewear Fitting Box

Your Eyewear Fitting Box with all frames will be due back within 7 days after your Virtual Style Session. If the box and frames are not returned within this timeframe, and/or damaged in any way, you are responsible for the full retail price of each frame sent which will be automatically charged to the credit card on file.

You Are Ready For Fitting!

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